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Passionate About Helping Others

I have practiced law in Ohio for 25 years.  I take the time to thoroughly discuss the process with every client to make sure each decision is made with a full understanding of the issues and options available. I have succeeded in helping clients achieve their goals and have shared some of these cases in the space below. I cannot guarantee a similar result in your case, but will devote my efforts to do so.

Family Law
  • Keep children with family after Hamilton County child protective services attempts to get permanent custody of child, July, 2022. 

  • Reunite a family separated by child protective services. Children returned to parents by Court of Appeals. June, 2020. 

  • Negotiate $35,000 settlement for client's personal injuries from accident. August, 2018.

  • Child support reduced for client who lost job and unable to regain former high salary. Attend administrative hearing with Jobs and Family Services, then appeal successfully to Court of Common Pleas. Sept., 2018.

  • Civil Stalking Order, March, 2018.  Successfully defended an executive falsely accused of stalking by former fiancee. Used texts and emails to cross examine and discredit accuser. Clermont County Common Pleas court dismissed the stalking petition against client. 2018 CVP 0028**

  • In Re A.B., June 2017. Ohio Supreme Court (2016-1672). Child custody case involving grandparent rights. Represented grandparents in trial court after father tries to remove child from grandparents, where child ha lived most of her life.  Prevailed for client in trial court, court of appeals, and the Ohio Supreme Court.  Grandparents win the case, keeping custody of granddaughter. 

  • 17 CV 12571, Jan. 2018.  Prevent eviction of tenant by landlord. Client also gets return of security deposit from the landlord.

  • DV1501210 : Defend father in false claims of abuse made by mother after father won primary custody. Court dismisses false claim by mother after trial with magistrate

Criminal Defense
  • Jury trial, not guilty finding by jury. B2200651, Nov. 21, 2022.  Felony criminal charges. Hamilton County Common Pleas.

  • Felony charges dismissed by court after challenging the State's case. May, 2022. B2105958.

  • August, 2021, Felony drug charges result in plea to misdemeanor. B1907045.

  • September, 2021, Assault charges resolved with agreement with victim, no jail time. 

  • December, 2018. Successful appeal of criminal sentence to the First District Court of Appeals. Case sent back to the trial court for new sentence for client. C-180008.

  • November, 2018. Represented University of Cincinnati student accused of campus misconduct in Title IX case. After adjudication hearing in front of Student Conduct Board, charges dismissed.

  • 17/CRB/21110, January, 2018. Client charged with criminal trespassing when found by police with friends in Duck Creek drainage channel. Trial by court. Finding of not guilty. 

  • C/17/TRD/4217*, December, 2017. Client charged with improper backing into traffic. Charge dismissed on trial date.

  • 17 TRD345, June 2017. Reckless driving charges reduced to speeding ticket after police video fails to show reckless driving. m a title. 

  • 17 CRB 17**, May, 2017. Menacing charges reduced for University of Cincinnati student, allowing future expungement.

  • 17 CRB 5250, June, 2017. Bench trial of misdemeanor obstruction of official business. Trial with testimony. Not guilty result for client. 

  • B1603270, Sept. 2016. Robbery charges reduced to a theft offense that can be expunged for client in the future.

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